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Break the Cycle of Pain

Even when it feels like you've tried everything.

July 27th 

2:00-4:00pm EST

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What will you get?

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The exact process I teach to figure out the root cause of pain - and what to do about it.

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Freed up time & energy to devote to things you actually enjoy (instead of googling 'cure for pain' all day)

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Increased nervous system safety (so you no longer feel fearful to even be in your own body)

If you've had pain for >6 months and are experiencing:

  • Exhaustion & frustration at yet *another* failed treatment attempt
  • Grief over not being able to workout, get out in nature or go on spontaneous road trips
  • Anger that you can't even freaking go to a restaurant without worrying about how your body will react

Then you are NOT going to want to miss this jam-packed, interactive workshop that is going to walk you through the exact steps that will break the cycle of chronic pain.

This is an interactive, live 2 hour workshop where there will be space for coaching, troubleshooting and problem solving.

A replay WILL be available if you sign up, however, there will be a special offer for those attending live!!

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Hi, I'm Dr. Andrea Moore! 

I’m a mom, a wife and a recovering health perfectionist.  My entire career path has been based on trying to fix everything wrong with me.  I’ve dealt with chronic pain, bloating, gas, post-concussive syndrome, brain fog, anxiety, depression, PMS & ADD– all by the age of 26.

I refused to accept this as my norm.  But trying to get healthier felt exhausting, restricting & impossible.

It took me over 15 years to feel like a healthy lifestyle came naturally – and more importantly – wasn’t a soul suck. Along the way, I became a Doctor of Physical Therapy, an Orthopedic Certified Specialist, Nutritional Therapist & a Life Coach.

While it took me years of exhausting work, I learned crucial lessons and skills that now allow me to help remove the mental load and burden off others on their journey to living a life that is not restricted by pain.

I now help other overwhelmed women suffering from chronic pain, achieve a healthy lifestyle that feels like part of who they are & and runs (relatively!) smoothly in the background of their life, while focusing on the things that matter: family, friends & finding joy in life through different passions.

Together we will transform your days from pain & anxiety to confidence & enjoyment.  I will guide you to a place where you have energy, health & confidence.


I want to help you best enjoy this one, wonderful, ridiculous, crazy life you have on YOUR TERMS.